The Movie Q blog is the place to be to get all those burning questions you usually have after watching a movie, answered.

After watching a movie at the cinema, we have all wondered if the £5 million it cost to go to the movies was worth the movie. The usual inner dialogue ensues like “how am I going to eat  next week? “,”Did I really need the large popcorn?”, “where did I recognize that actor from?”, and “who was that fine thing on screen and will they win an Oscar for that nude scene?”

As an avid movie watcher I aim to answer these questions, so in a sense sacrificing myself on the cinema seat, so you don’t have too.

Each week I will write a post answering 5 questions about a movie currently in cinemas and a movie from the past .In between these posts I will also be answering questions about major events within the movie calendar e.g. the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

I hope this will be an informative, interesting and fun way for you to enjoy movies.

Please use the contact page to offer any tips or suggestions on what questions you want answered.


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