The Lego Batman Movie

Directed by:  Chris McKay

Starring: Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson

Rotten Tomatoes: 91%                                                    Empire: 4 Stars

What has the director done before?
If you have heard of Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III then you might have heard of Chris Mckay; however, if you haven’t heard of him I don’t blame you. The Lego Batman Movie is McKay’s first ever feature film directorial debut, having previously been an editor for the first Lego Movie. Chris Mckay seems to be a prodigy in stop-motion and traditional animation, something that still seems to catch the eye, even in the times of crazy CGI. Chris Mckay has been selected by Warner Bros. to direct the Adventure Time animated film adaptation (Adventure Time is wacky cartoon show on Cartoon Network that is similar to the Lego movies in that adults can enjoy it as well).

Who would watch this?
I know what you’re thinking, Lego is for 3-4-year-olds, but you are wrong it can be enjoyed by 25-year-olds too. This is the secret ingredient to the success of both Lego Movies, they can be enjoyed by both toddlers and adults alike, on the surface kids are easily entertained by Lego, but the story of the film is layered with cultural references and jokes that only adults would understand.

Was it funny?
The Lego Batman Movie is funny, and that’s a rarity these days. Its times like these where a butt joke or two wouldn’t do any harm. The spoofing of the Batman character was the icing on the cake, reflecting the mirror at this serious dark character was interestingly comedic,  ideas such as Batman’s obsession with his darkness and body made the film it entertaining to watch.

Who should we thank behind the scenes?
The voice actors behind The Lego Batman Movie were essential, in particular, Will Arnett, who voiced Batman and famously played Job in the hit TV series Arrested Development. Arnett’s already comedic husky voice was able to breathe life into a Lego figure that had limited amount of movement and expressions, it reminded me of how Southpark characters are 70% voice and 30% animation.

Is it worth watching again?
The Lego Batman movie is definitely worth watching multiple times, and if you feel hesitant to watch it at first, I understand because, in theory, these movies sounded like the worst Idea ever. However, turned out to be hilarious, it seems to get better with time, and I would recommend watching it again, as its so jam packed with subtle jokes, you might have missed some jokes at first.


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