Doctor Strange

Directed by: Scott Derrickson

Starring:  Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen

Empire: 4 Stars                                                                          Rotten Tomatoes:93%

  1. What has the director done before?

The director has been involved in 9 movies, great hits such as Hell Raiser: Inferno, Sinister and Deliver Us From Evil.These are movies that are  well known but easily forgotten if Doctor Strange is any indicator of Scott Derrickson’s directing ability,it is time these films are revisited.

Scott Derrickson isn’t someone you would have recognized by name till now, he has been quite bankable in the past with movies such as The Day The Earth Stood Still earning $233 million worldwide. With the success of Doctor Strange, this will probably give him some creative freedom to create some stranger concoctions.

  1. Who gave the best performance?

The cast is star-studded with the likes of Oscar-winning Tilda Swinton, and Oscar nominated Chiwetel Ejiofor, so the baseline of acting ability was at an excellent level. The two standout performances in the film were by Mads Mikkelsen and Benedict Cumberbatch, who despite his dodgy American accent managed to be a convincible New York-based brain surgeon.

Mads Mikkelsen always performs, as the sinister defective of the movie he was perfect, emotional yet evil but also making the audience feel like he was dead inside. You know an actor is good when their performance is difficult to explain.

  1. Could it have been better?

The film was quite satisfying, as it has a generic Marvel storyline, which is usually good.You know what you’re going to get for 90 minutes or so. The film was entertaining and the special effects were enthralling like getting lost in an optical illusion with a storyline. I don’t think it could get any better for what it is.

  1. Who should we thank behind the scenes?

The visuals of the film were great to watch, mind-bending and trippy. So I would thank the guys and gals of Luma Pictures and Industrial Light & Magic.

  1. Watch in the cinema or watch on DVD?

Considering over one hour of footage in the film was “specially formatted” for IMAX.  This movie would be the one to watch in the cinema specifically because of the play on different dimensions and visual effects it would be worth watching in 3D; it is one to watch over again.

Check out the Facebook Live Interview with Benedict Cumberbatch,Mads Mikkelsen and with director Scott Derrickson. Watch here.


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