Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic


Directed By: Matt Ross

Starring: Viggo MortensenGeorge MacKaySamantha Isler


This review is a little unique. Thanks to work I found myself sitting opposite the director Matt Ross and the star of the film Viggo Mortensen while they were undertaking the interview, coordinated by me.

Yes, me, sitting opposite Viggo Mortensen looking into his face, I still haven’t gotten over myself. The 14, 15 and okay even the year ago me would never believe this! I was lucky enough to watch the movie at Somerset House under the sky which added to the wilderness feel of the film, overall it was a great movie, but I am biased in so many ways.




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What has the director done before?

You may recognize the name Matt Ross he has been in a lot e.g. The Aviator and also American Horror story. He has made the transition from actor to director, pretty well compared to the many Actor/directors out there he has done a couple of lesser known films, but Captain Fantastic seems to be the movie that has solidified his spot in the limelight.

The film was aired in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, with Matt Ross winning the Best Director prize. The director himself seems interesting he was wearing doc martin boots, that you can’t see in the interview which obviously means he is a creative, I look forward to watching what he does next.

What sorts of movies are similar?

Viggo Mortensen has always got that homeless chic thing going on, and I always imagineS he lives out in the wilderness somewhere. He seems to pick roles where he’s in the wilderness e.g. The road (very loose similarities but the roles he picks are all men who are self-sufficient in nature e.g. Aragorn the ranger). The main movie that came to mind while watching Captain Fantastic is Into The Wild,  Captain Fantastic is the alternative of Into The Wild if he wasn’t such a recluse and went off and got married and had kids and ate a proper diet.

How does this relate to the real world?

The movie is a mirror to modern society, basically stating we are all fat and addicted to technology which is semi-true. Yeah, it made me think about other ways of living which are less harmful to the environment and our brains, I romanticized with the idea for a good 10 minutes, but I love my iPhone too much to dare betray it by going into the wilderness where there is no signal and no charger.

What did I like?

What I liked about the movie was Viggo Mortensen’s character Ben’s honesty with his kids not sparing the details when his 5-year-old child asks what rape is. Why lie? The world is a dangerous and horrible place; you are probably not doing your kid’s many favors by lying to them.

In saying that there’s no need to disturb them, however, if our parents were more honest about adult life. You work your ass off most of the time, the other half your too tired to chase after anything that would be fulfilling to you, there’s no guarantee you will be happy perhaps becoming an adult wouldn’t be such a system shock.

Who gave the best performance?

Viggo Mortensen was excellent as always. However, I found the kids to be great actors as they were mostly untrained I thought it was a fantastic fete for them not to come off as cringe. A shout out to the British actor George Mackay who played Viggo’s oldest son Bodevan , he’s becoming a better and better actor.

Watch it in the cinema or DVD?

As I said I am biased so I would advise you to watch it in the theater if you can, support those independent movies. I would also say to get it on DVD too it’s a good, thoughtful Sunday evening movie.




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