Star Trek: Beyond

Star Trek: Beyond

Directed By: Justin Lin
Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban
1. Watch in the cinema or watch on DVD?
The new Star Trek is one to watch in the theater. It is a summer blockbuster of course so it wouldn’t have the same impact if you watched it at home unless you live in a cinema with 3D and surround sound. The CGI, Scenery shots and 3d (however minimal) all deserve to be deliciously enjoyed on the big screen. I would also buy it in on DVD if I remembered how.

2. What has the director done before
Well, my heart sank when I heard the new Star Trek wasn’t going to be directed by JJ Abrams but instead by Justin Lin the director of Fast and Furious 7 (yes they made 7 Fast and Furious movies, anything can happen in the days of Brexit and Trump, anything). Putting my snobbishness aside Justin Lin did deliver, he added a different touch to the action scenes where in the previous Star Treks its more hand to hand combat, in this one its more mechanic e.g. motorcycles and starship action.

3. Who would win the Oscar?
If fantasy’s and Sci-Fi’s ever won many Oscars, the Oscar will go to Simon Pegg who wrote the script. Comedy isn’t the only thing he has up his sleeves. The script was full of emotion including moral, ethical values, such as friendship, loyalty, and family that I must admit got me a little emotional (yes I am a little geek, let me live my life). The second contender for the Oscar would be the song Sledgehammer performed by Rihanna written by Sia, which mildly reminds me of Seal kiss from a rose, it’s a good track plus everybody likes at least one Riri track, if not you need to reevaluate your life, seriously.

4. Should I watch it in 3D?
I watched the movie in 3D, and the coolest part was the opening logos but either than that they failed to utilize the 3D technology entirely. It seems to be an afterthought which is annoying because there was a lot of potential there, I think that’s why people aren’t fazed if a movie is in 3D or not because so far not many movies have used amazing 3D effects.

5. Should there be a sequel?
Well, in this case, there is going to be a 4th movie, and it’s going to be called Star Trek: Discovery. Which I am excited about, but also 3 is the magic number, and I hope they don’t drag the series to the ground we all know how Hollywood can do that think Spiderman and Fantastic 4.


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