Tales of Tales


Tales of Tales

Directed by: Matteo Garrone

Starring:  Salma HayekVincent CasselToby Jones

  1. Who’s in it?

There were a lot of actors that I recognised in this movie, that you would probably recognise but not remember except for Salma Hayek, obviously and maybe John C. Reilly (the other step brother in Step Brothers). I usually wouldn’t watch a movie with Salma Hayek in it, if not for Fridha, which she got nominated for the Best Actress Oscar ever since then she’s just done  C class movies, but this looked interesting. The cast literally looked interesting, the albino twins, the massive ogre who probably is a WWE wrestler and also Toby Jones (see image below). I was attracted by the weird actors and the movie definitely delivered.

Toby Jones
  1. What has the director done before?

Never heard of Matteo Garrone before he is an Italian filmmaker and the American-dominated film world that we are absorbed in it is no surprise. He is definitely a visual master of the elk of Guillermo Del Toro, being able to play with adult darkness and yet bring in some childish fantasy at the same time. Tales of Tales was a good introduction to him as a director, and I look forward to watching his movies …when I am in a weird mood.

  1. What did I like?

What I liked about Tales of Tales is that it played like an actual fairy tale with interwoven story lines and like a fairy tale. There was a moral to the story, am not sure what it was exactly I was slightly confused, but there was definitely something in there that I probably would have got if I had more sleep the night before.

  1. What sort of movie is this?

It’s basically an episode of Game of Thrones if it was directed by a tamer Guillermo Del Toro, it is what I would describe as adult fantasy…which is a breath a fresh air to some of the more realism based films I have been watching lately.

  1. Was it scary?

In a weird way, Tales of Tales was actually creepy; it reminds me of a nightmare that if I had, I’d be like “what the hell was that all about”. But also, it had some quite gruesome imagery of creatures and violence that left me slightly uneasy.


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