Green Room

Green Room

Directed By: Jeremy Saulnier

Starring: Anton YelchinImogen PootsAlia Shawkat

Rotten Tomatoes: 90%                            Empire:4 Stars

What has the director done before?
I am ashamed of myself for not knowing who Jeremy Saulner is, I had heard of the movie Blue Ruin before but didn’t know it was by him. Jeremy Saulner has made a name for himself in indie film circles as the king of indie Horror, with both Blue Ruin and Green Room both premiering at Cannes, time will tell if he can move between genres, or maybe he will just stick to what he is good at. When it comes to movies there’s nothing wrong with that.

What sorts of movies are similar?
Green Room mildly reminded me of Wolf Creek and Hostel, wayward kids going off on an adventure that ultimately ends with them being hacked into edible pieces. Movies like this one always get me because in a sense they could almost be real, it’s not some demon causing havoc its humans basically inflicting harm on each other, which happens on a daily basis, so what makes me exempt from the daily horrors of the earth.

Was it scary?
Yeah it was scary because they were in impossible situation, plus they had crazed up skin heads all scheming about ways to destroy them in body and spirit. As a black man, I’ve had the dieing by skin head fantasy many times before especially when I see those freaks on the tube, who look like Neo-Nazis but don’t have any physical signs, so it’s just an awkward stair session of me guessing if they want to kill me or not.

Who gave the best performance?
The critics are praising Patrick Stewarts performance, probably because he said the N- word really, really meanly, however, I just thought it was a good performance but nothing out of his acting comfort zone. Imogen Poots , the English actress gave a great performance as the skin head girl who gets stuck with them in the green room, you can empathize with every emotion she displays. She’s my favourite character in the movie because she is the bravest, willing to kill first, think later …. which is the attitude you need in life and death situations.

What did I like?
First of all, as a massive Arrested Development fan am glad to see Alia Shawkat (Maybe) is getting acting Jobs. What I liked about this movie was the hack horror aspect of the film they didn’t shy away from the violence, add on top of that thrash heavy metal and skinheads just adds to creating a hellish environment.


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