A Hologram for the King

A Hologram for the King

Directed by: Tom Tykwer

Starring: Tom HanksAlexander BlackSarita Choudhury

Rotten Tomatoes:67%                                      Empire:3 stars

What has the director done before?
I have never heard of Tom Tykwer ever before, perhaps it’s because Tom Twyker is such a tongue twister……anyway. After doing some research I found out that Tom Twyker is German, and most recently had worked with the duo named the Wachowski brothers, now the Wachowski sisters on the “what the hell am I watching” Cloud Atlas to the “I like what am watching, but should probably never tell anyone” TV show Sense 8. Tom Twyker has worked with a lot of great actors in there most mediocre movies.

Who gave the best performance?
As Always to Tom Hanks always gives a solid performance, as expected. But for a film based in Saudi Arabia I have to give major props to the international actors in this film, particularly Sarita Choudry who had a risky nude scene and also to Alexander Black not sure if he even is international but his performance as the funny, light hearted taxi driver Yousef offered some well needed comic relief. 

What sorts of movies are similar?
I had the sense that I had watched this movie before, a movie about a middle aged divorcee, discontent with life finding happiness and love in foreign land and having an adventure along the way. A very Tom Hanks movie if you ask me, or a little Kevin spacey. Many movies that are forgettable but at the same time enjoyable when you watch them are similar to  A Hologram for the King.

Is there any real science behind this?
Well in this universe Holograms exist, like the proper ones. It’s odd that the film is called a Hologram for the King when you only actually see holograms once in the whole movie. But what I do find interesting is (SPOILER ALERT) , that in this universe China is taking over the market with cheaper alternatives to everything, holograms and bikes. I wonder in the future if we would go watch Chinese movies because they are cheaper and easier to get a hold of.

Could it have been better?
The story being as it is, I don’t think this movie could’ve been better, it was satisfying don’t get me wrong but at the same time it wasn’t a Tom Hanks hit, I might watch it on TV if it ever manages to reach there.



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