Could going to the cinema alone kill you?

Quick question, when was the last time you went to the cinema alone? Second question, why?

I assume the answer would be along the lines of I can’t remember and its boring to go alone, or the natural I just can’t be assed.  I would like to open your brain up and finds some answers, but I think that sort of thing is frowned upon.

The human condition is a strange and fascinating one, more specifically my own condition. Why is it that the thought of doing things that come under the ‘leisure activity’ umbrella alone is kind of difficult to do alone?

This isn’t to say that I haven’t gone to the cinema alone, I recently went to go watch the Son of Saul alone in the picture house cinema. Let’s just say the whole experience wasn’t conducive to positive mental health it was a dark cold Wednesday evening, I was watching a film about a Nazi concentration camp and to add it was a completely empty cinema and the annoyingly giddy couple sat right next to me…. I had to move.

Son of Saul

You would think living in London I would be used to living an isolated exsistence, head phones in 24/7, music turned up loud, ensuring that even if someone tried talking to me I wouldn’t hear them anyway. But the truth is I am secretly hoping that someone interesting says something interesting and then we become best friend’s forever, ever, ever.

Could it be a millennial generation thing where independence is discouraged, or could it be something more primal and psychological.

There has been some great psychological research into loneliness and its effect on physical and mental health. Not taking care of your social needs, has been related to increased stress hormones, erosion of the arteries, high blood pressure and even undermining your learning and memory, so not only are you alone and on the brink of death but you are also left too stupid do anything about it.

Cinema Alone

I think that it could be something more primal going back to the cave man days where actually being alone and doing stuff could actually kill you, for instance going hunting alone you were more likely to catch a disease and die than anything meaty or paleo. You were forced to form packs to increase you chance of surviving in the jungle.

Things have changed now, we are sort of in an urban jungle, where doing stuff alone re-ignites those primal setting, installed in us in our early exsistence. Going to the cinema isn’t so bad what I’m curious to know is that why does it not necessarily feel as satisfying as you would imagine it to be, why does it give you a mild malaise of anxiety and perhaps emptiness?

Just food for thought really. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t worked the ‘doing stuff alone’ muscle perhaps if I exercised it or just in general exercised some more it probably won’t make me feel so philosophical?

Final thought: do stuff alone, but not many. Like with anything that isn’t good for you, do it in moderation.



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