Ryan Vs. Ryan

Ryan Reynolds 

Ryan Renolds
Ryan Reynolds

Highest grossing movie: Deadpool ($335,191,383)
Lowest grossing movie: Coming Soon ($3,742)
Highest Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 90%  Mississippi Grind (2015)
Lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating: 13% R.I.P.D. (2013)
Number of Acting Credits: 66 credits
Facebook Followers: 2,089,692
Favourite Movie: Van Wilder
Movies directed: 0
Number of Nominations: 34 nominations
Number of wins: 6 wins


Ryan Gosling

'The Ides of March' Premiere - Beverly Hills
Ryan Gosling

Highest grossing movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love. ($84,351,197)
Lowest grossing movie: The Slaughter Rule ($13,411)
Highest Rotten Tomatoes Rating:  92% Drive (2011)
Lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating:  27% Stay (2005)
Number of Acting Credits: 40 credits
Facebook Followers: 1,173,423 (wiki, Facebook page)
Favourite Movie: Half Nelson
Movies directed: 1
Number of Nominations: 86 nominations (Including 1 Oscar Nominations)
Number of wins: 22 Wins



In summary, Ryan Reynolds is an actor for everyone, while Ryan Gosling is for the movie snobs. Ryan Reynold has the highest grossing movie Deadpool compared to Ryan Gosling’s Crazy, Stupid, Love, the reason why  is because Deadpool already had a set fan base through Marvels comic and movie fans, so it decreases the integrity of the Deadpool movie gross compared to Crazy, Stupid, Love which had no previous fan base.

On Rotten Tomatoes Ryan Gosling has the highest movie rating with Drive, but Ryan Reynolds isn’t far behind with Mississippi Grind, but Ryan Reynolds has the lowest rated movie R.I.P.D.

Although Ryan Gosling has 40 movie credits compared to Ryan Reynolds 66 movie credits, Ryan Gosling’s has more nominations and wins (Including 1 Oscar nomination) than Ryan Reynolds, so this suggests that Ryan Reynolds has to work much harder than Ryan Gosling to be recognized, this also suggests that Ryan Reynolds isn’t as a revered or as good an actor as Ryan Gosling.

In terms of popularity Ryan Reynolds has an official Facebook page, with about 2 million followers whereas Ryan Gosling is too cool for social media but still has about 1 million likes on his Facebook wiki page. If Ryan Gosling had a Facebook page and was producing content he would probably have as many or more  followers as Ryan Reynolds as he already has an interested audience through his Facebook wiki page.

So if you want to make the Fast and Furious 7, Deadpool, Rom com elk of movies that rake in the cash you would choose Ryan Reynolds. If you want to gain respect! Oscar nominations and create those hard hitting dramatic movies such as Drive and Half Nelson and possibly make some cash along the way you would choose Ryan Gosling.


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