Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

I know this article isn’t exactly about movies, but podcasts and movies do hold some similarities in that they are an art form of creative expression used to entertain, inform and inspire others. This article is an homage to podcasting, something that I have begun to enjoy over the past year.

I was a bit late to adopt the technology; I am sure many of you reading this already have your own favourite podcasts that you listen to. So consider this just as a refresher, perhaps you might start listening to the same podcasts that I do, which would be great.

Podcast  audiences are higher than ever. It is No surprise podcast these days stop halfway through for ads (Ads are the most obvious way to monetize a podcast). The rise in podcast listeners can be correlated with the rapid growth in the use of mobile devices and Smartphone’s, similarly an increased ease of in-car listening have contributed to the spike of interest in podcasts.

Traditional radio celebrities and broadcasters such as the BBC have adopted and almost dominated the podcast industry. However, the thing is with podcasting is that almost anyone can do it so there is pretty much a podcast for any topic you can think of. Anyone who wants to create a regularly updated radio show can publish a podcast.

That’s the beauty of podcasts they are like magazine subscriptions for your ears. Unlike magazine subscriptions, most of them are free and can be easily downloaded onto your phone. You can find thousands of podcasts with regularly updated content, which is well produced, entertaining, Insightful, funny, educational and interesting, etc.

Podcasts have been a major influence on who I am as a person over the past year. They have been a secret motivator behind everything I have decided to this year creatively (starting this blog), professionally (chasing a career in  film), spiritually (making lifestyle changes).

There is something different about podcasts, they absorb you into the conversations. Podcasts are a more intimate form of communication, perhaps it’s because you hear the mistakes, they aren’t always edited and maybe there’s just a natural affinity to hearing someone’s voice; the original form of communication.

I really recommend searching podcasts on iTunes about any topic that might be of interest you. There is nothing more motivating than listening to a bunch of enthusiastic people talking about a variety of topics. Podcasts allow you to release your inner geek, get informed about your industry of interest, gain some ideas, think about things differently and also podcasts can challenge your views.

Here is a list of some of the podcasts I have been listening to and some of my favourite episodes.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour
Mental Illness Happy Hour
This is probably my favourite podcast. Basically comedian Paul Gilmartin speaks to people of all walks of life who have dealt with mental illness in some form, ranging from drug addicts, therapist and comedians. These podcasts have provided me with a sense of comfort that no matter what I am dealing with, I am not alone and it’s inspiring to hear stories of perseverance and struggle.

Favourite episodes:

Bret Easton Ellis PodcastBret Easton Ellis Podcast
Bret Easton Ellis is probably most well known for writing American Psycho and Less Than Zero. It’s great he goes on huge monologues about  entertainment industry issues and what’s wrong with people from my generation. Bret Easton Ellis goes on to  converse with film  and music industry insiders such as  Eli Roth, Alex Pettyfer and Ariel Pink.

Favourite Episodes:

GaurdianGuardian Film show
It the guardian film critics having  a conversation about the latest films and industry issues. It’s fun, informative and short which is always good.





So you wanna be an artist

So you wanna be an artist
A new British podcast made by artists for artists. I like this one, as it gets creatives from all walks of life and genres to talk about creativity, the struggles to be creative in any field and the self doubt and risk involved with creativity


Favourite episodes:






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