What Is The Cheapest Way To Go To The Cinema ?

Starting a blog that is based on going to the cinema every week, I thought it would be a good idea to find out how to go to the cinema but way more cheaply.

Firstly, there are sneaky ways to get discounts if you are not a senior or a student:

  • BFI 25 and Under
    Allows you to get last minute tickets for up to £3.
  • Odeon Premiere Club
    Earn points for every pound you spend and then spend your well earned points on cinema tickets.
  • Cineworld Unlimited Card
    See any film, any time as many times as you like and get 10% off snacks & drinks, obviously terms and conditions apply.
  • The Picturehouse Membership
    Membership to the Picturehouse gets you free cinema tickets, discounts on ticket purchases and priority bookings. A single membership ranges between £15 and £55.  So it is a bit pricey to be honest.

The questions you have to ask yourself, is which cinema is closest to you and which is the most convenient. I tend to find that the cinemas that offer the best deals are usually the furthest away. The cinemas that I visit the most are:

The Genesis Cinema
On Monday and Wednesday’s tickets are priced at £4 and I usually take full advantage of it.
Vue Cinema
They are usually very expensive, but they are everywhere in London so they are convenient. I used to visit them more when Orange Wednesdays’ were a thing.
Odeon Cinema
Same with the Vue cinema, very expensive but they are everywhere and plus they have IMAX screens, so what can a boy do who doesn’t want to travel to the wilderness to watch a movie.

Obviously, I don’t make the cheapest decisions but after doing some research, I think the cheapest day to go to the cinemas is on Tuesday. That’s lucky, because Tuesday is one of the most boring days of the week.

There are many independent cinemas who offer great deals.  Great deals are great but they are no use if the cinema is a million miles away, you can find out about more great deals in cinemas around London on the Empty Pocket Guide.




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